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Archicad 27
Your best design option

Reflex Architects – Kineum, Sweden,, Photo: Anton Adielsson

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Your best design option

A brand-new design option solution, professional visualization tools, improved management of complex projects, and advances in open, multidisciplinary design collaboration, and exclusive subscription offerings make Archicad 27 your best design option.

What’s new

Watch this đoạn phim to tát find out more about the highlights of the 2023 Graphisoft products lineup – Archicad 27, DDScad 19, BIMcloud, BIMx – the industry leading building design solutions are “Your best design option”.

Product updates

Watch this đoạn phim for a comprehensive overview of the 2023 Graphisoft products lineup – Archicad 27, DDScad 19, BIMcloud, BIMx – the industry leading building design solutions are “Your best design option”.

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While Graphisoft perpetual software licenses are here to tát stay, kiểm tra out our latest subscription offerings to tát learn more about exclusive tools, training, tư vấn, and services:

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Seamless software updates for faster access to tát innovation.

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Exclusive productivity tools that boost your workflows.

Archicad Collaborate

If you’ve waited more than vãn 12 months to tát upgrade your Archicad license, you’re missing out on significant updates that could boost your firm’s productivity and profitability:

  • Experience the power of Archicad and BIMcloud SaaS for the price of an Archicad subscription.
  • Combine award-winning Archicad, BIMcloud and BIMx for fast, efficient, and secure access to tát shared projects in real time — all at an affordable price point.

Learn more about exclusive productivity tools, không tính phí storage, technical tư vấn, emergency licenses, and learning programs included with your subscription.

Archicad Design Checker


If you already have an Archicad 26 Update 2 or later subscription, kiểm tra out the Archicad Design Checker and get a không tính phí 30-day trial of Solibri Inside.

  • Focus on design thanks to tát Archicad’s BIM quality assurance powered by Solibri.
  • Reduce rework by identifying errors before they escalate.
  • Streamline coordination, tốc độ up review cycles, get instant feedback, and resolve issues quickly.

Learn more about Solibri Inside’s custom-rule-based checks and get 12 months không tính phí through December 31, 2023.

Compare Subscriptions

If you are using Archicad 25 or an earlier version, update now to tát boost the productivity and profitability of your firm. You’ll get:

  • Stair tool updates, next-gen rendering solutions, and built-in energy evaluation tools.
  • Continued tư vấn for tệp tin exchange with SketchUp, Revit, BCF, PDF, and DWG.
  • Improved performance and tư vấn for the Apple M2 chips.

Visit the Graphisoft Store to tát compare exclusive subscription offerings, explore the full range of Graphisoft products and services, and learn about additional licensing options. For more information, please liên hệ your local Graphisoft Partner.


Explore design options the easy way and spend less time on project management — Archicad 27 helps your team stay organized and files streamlined even as the size and complexity of projects continue to tát grow.

Montpellier, France


Higher Roch

The Rhino-Grasshopper-Archicad toolset allowed us to tát translate our bold initial sketch into a real, sustainable and feasible design.

Guillaume Maréchaux


Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés, France


Intelligent Tracker

Essential math functions are always at your fingertips with the new, intelligent Archicad Tracker. Develop your design ideas faster and without the need for an external calculator – multiply, divide, add, or subtract functions directly from the Tracker.

Fast Modeling with Distance Guides

Position your model elements quickly and more comfortably on the floor plan. Distance Guides delivers a long-awaited, innovative capability – actively position building elements thanks to tát an intuitive use of numerical and graphical input of dimensions.

Integrated Design Options

Find the best design alternative faster with the new Archicad 27 Design Options solution. Evaluate and share design alternatives quickly and efficiently thanks to tát an optimized workflow dedicated to tát evolving design variations – regardless of the size or scale of the project.

Enhanced Search

Find what you need in seconds! Expanded Search capabilities tốc độ up working with longs lists, including Views, Graphic Override Combinations and Rules, Library textures, Layouts, and Drawings.

Graphic Override Organization

Unleash the full potential of the Graphic Overrides – manage rules and combinations faster and more easily thanks to tát better organization and the new Search function.

Modern GDL Editor

Whether you create your own parametric objects or develop commercial object libraries, you’re going to tát love the new GDL Editor! Better navigation thanks to tát syntax highlights, shortcuts for editing commands, and last – but not least – dark mode to tát reduce eye strain.

Improved Project Management

Stay organized and work more efficiently thanks to tát extended capabilities for more attributes types, faster workflows, and greater consistency.


Deliver high-impact visualizations quickly and easily thanks to tát professional out-of-the-box solutions and streamlined connections to tát other professional architectural visualization solutions – your freedom of choice.

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Tianfu Roadshow Center


Tianfu Roadshow Center

Proven and real-time connection between our BIM tool and rendering software allows us to tát communicate our design intent simply and effectively.

Tektonn Architects, China


Streamlined Archicad – Enscape Connection

Create real-time visualizations more comfortably with the revamped Archicad – Enscape connection:

  • Map any Archicad object to tát any high-poly Enscape asset to tát leverage the best of both worlds.
  • Enscape is now also available for the macOS platform.
  • Available for Subscription, Forward, and SSA users only.

Native AR and VR Connection

Engage your clients with a high-impact AR/VR design experience for faster buy-in. Archicad’s native tư vấn for importing and exporting industry-standard FBX files to tát Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications makes it easy.

Open Rendering Workflow

Choose your preferred visualization solution and impress your clients with high-impact images and videos. Archicad delivers versatile and flexible toolsets for professional architectural visualization through the freedom of choice to tát use other professional visualization solutions lượt thích Enscape, Twinmotion, Lumion, Nvidia Omniverse, 5D Render, Cinema4D, and many more.


Collaborate with design teams using OPEN BIM to tát implement flexible, intuitive, industry-leading multi-disciplinary design workflows with MEP and structural engineers.

Jyväskylä, Finland


©2023 Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy


Nova Hospital

We had to tát coordinate the work of 30 architects and about 100 engineers. Archicad and BIMcloud were the key tools in this task.

Industry Standard Certification

Enjoy next-level OPEN BIM collaboration with IFC4! Archicad 27 is equipped with the IFC4 tệp tin import and export certification issued by the international buildingSMART organization. This ensures consistency and efficiency in data exchange across disciplines and other solutions.

Efficient Change Management 

Stay in the loop about the latest design changes thanks to tát the Model Compare tool, developed for multidisciplinary design teams with extensive change management requirements. The new dialog displays a comprehensive and detailed list of changes.

“One Click” Analytical Model Export 

Structural Analytical Model Exchange couldn’t be easier! Use the open, Structural Analytical File (SAF) format to tát export the analytical model of the architectural design in Archicad 27 and send it directly to tát structural analytical solutions (such as SCIA or RISA). One click is all it takes!

Structural Workflow Enhancements

Refine your structural-analytical model for accurate structural calculations! Archicad 27 enables architects to tát streamline the design workflow with structural engineers. The new manual adjustment feature helps to tát achieve a continuous structural-analytical model on complex projects and enables both teams to tát reduce inconsistencies and tốc độ up design collaboration.

Renewed MEP Modeler

Give your MEP modeling workflow a boost! Graphisoft MEP Modeler 2.0 is here with a streamlined modeling technology and an updated user interface. Connect your Archicad BIM project to tát the preferred MEP modeling calculation used by MEP engineers to tát help them stay focused on their work.

IFC Model Exchange with Archicad for Revit 2024

Improve your IFC-based model collaboration with Revit 2024 users! The IFC Model Exchange tool for Revit 2024 optimizes Revit models for exchange with Archicad 27 users.


Focus on your designs, not the paperwork! Complete, out-of-the-box documentation tools combined with a powerful publishing workflow allow.

Future Africa Campus, Dining Hall


Pretoria, South Africa


Future Africa Campus, Dining Hall

The tool that Archicad puts in your hand is control over every element and every aspect of the design.

Eartworld Architects, South Africa


Interactive Schedules Formatting

Publish your project calculations, lists, and schedules with the required formatting and visual appearance directly from Archicad! Interactive element schedules let you extract and list the right data from the BIM project. Now, interactive schedules are enhanced with improved formatting capabilities and provide more control over the visual look of your reports.

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